Personal Training Coach

Why Get a Personal Training Coach?

There are several reasons you should get a personal training coach if you're serious about your physical fitness. A coach will get you better results, protect your health, and keep you motivated as you work to improve your abilities.
The first two benefits arise from the fact that a personal workout trainer will teach you the proper form for each exercise, provide a realistic plan for improvement including time frames, and teach you the best nutrition goals for bringing about better performance. Good form is especially important because it doesn't just make your workouts more efficient – it prevents stress injuries that could otherwise completely derail your workout plans.
A good overall plan is also essential. It both keeps you from overexerting yourself and from taking it too easy. By assessing your current fitness level and your rate of progress over a few sessions, the personal training coach will be able to figure out what to expect as time progresses and plan accordingly.
Nutritional education is another big part of coaching. Most people who are getting into fitness either have no idea what to eat for better performance, or worse, have absorbed a lot of "bro science" that has no basis in reality. A personal workout trainer will clear the fog about how much protein you should eat, "carbing up," total caloric intake, and other such aspects of a pro-fitness diet.
Finally, a personal fitness expert will keep you motivated. This works not only during your exercise session, but in between. You'll naturally want to show improvement by the next session, so you'll be far more likely to stick to your workouts between appointments and keep eating clean. Your results will come faster as a result.

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