What Makes You Happy?

Spending time with love ones | Walking by the ocean | Shopping at the farmers markets | Cooking a delicious meal | chasing after your grandkids | Visiting a gallery | Book club | Summer nights | Autumn days | Dancing | Doing something you've never done before | Swimming in the sea | Travel  

Regular exercise & resistance training ensures you always have the opportunity to enjoy the little & big things that bring you happiness.


Benefits of an joining our BEST BOOMER classes

exclusively for Over 50's

Best Life  Fitness include:  


 Weight-bearing and resistance exercises can help protect against osteoporosis, a disease in which bones become fragile and more likely to break


 Adults lose between two and three kilos of muscle every decade after age 20. Only strength training prevents muscle loss


 Research shows that strength training can drastically improve low back strength and alleviate low back pain


The best way to lose weight & build lean muscle is by combining strength training with cardio fitness. The more muscle tone your body has the more fat you'll burn

The BEST BOOMER CLASSES are small classes to allow for individual attention. They are low impact and focus on overall strength, balance, stability,

co-odination and flexibility. They are designed with the specific needs of the over 50's in mind. 

Try our BEST BOOMER class

exclusively for Over 50's TODAY!

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