Word on the street...

Nat and Andrina

Group Class Members

Nat and Andrina are good friends who love coming to class and training together. They bring with them such a great energy they make the class fun for every one. Both of them hated exercise before. This is the first time they've ever liked it! whoop whoop! 


PT client and Group Class member

Mel started Personal Training to focus on strengthening her core and back muscles after a back injury. 

Betsy and Diana

Betsy and Diana train in our 9am group classes.

They are a so lovely to have in class and we love having seeing them get stronger and fitter! 


Personal Training and Class member

Alison attends 1 Personal Training session as well as 2 classes per week. Go Alison! 


Lou has been Personal Training with Best Life for 5 years.

Her biggest acheivement was losing 22.5kgs and has maintained that weight loss for 4 years. She is fitter and stronger than she has ever been!  


Mumn n Bubs Class

Roxy comes along every Monday with her bub Zac. 

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